Elegant "Josephine" From Styles of edo

Mami Jewell has released another elegant gown today called "Josephine." It looks like a gown that Juliet would wear in Romeo & Juliet. Sweet and classic, with delicate lace used on the rims of the skirt. The gown comes in 5 colours. Black, red, blue, olive and purple.

I matched it with a pearl necklace that has a very classic design from PISA. It has ruby ornaments in an otherwise simple pearl necklace, that gives this rich, classic look to it. I also wore matching earrings.

Styles of edo - Josephine (olive)

PISA - Drop Pearl Ruby Diamond Necklace
Gown: Styles of edo, Josephine (olive)
Necklace: PISA, Drop Pearl Ruby Diamond Necklace
Earrings: PISA, Drop Pearl Ruby Diamond Earrings
Shoes: Shiny Things, Spring Stilettos (olive)
Hair: Dernier Cri, Lara (black)
Skin: SL Chai Skin, Ginger (Black Cherry)

Written and modeled by Kay Fairey, Boulevard Agency, Evane Models Agency, Second Look Studio


A Cool Jacket From "sey"

It's getting cold in many parts of the world (at least where I am) and I wanted a new jacket to wear when I go ride my bike or even to wear in town.

risey Arai, designer for "sey" has just released a cool unisex rider's casual jacket! It has a hood with boa or without boa, and the hood can be replaced with a high collar all together and you can also choose whether you want the emblem in the right front of your jacket or one without the logo.

The jacket comes in 8 really cool colour combinations, some a lot bolder like black/red with white border lines as well as delicate and sensuous colours like blue/purple with blue-ish fuchsia border lines. I must say, I ended up wanting at least three!

So all those who like outdoors, grab your jacket and enjoy the cool weather!

Jacket: sey, 313 Riders Jacket (black)
Jeans: The Drawmachine, Sexy Ass Jeans (light-blue)
Boots: The Drawmachine, Ladies Biker Boots Classic
Hair: BishWear, Chal (black)
Skin: Tuli, Meredith (light) nicely nude

Written and modeled by Kay Fairey, Boulevard Agency, Evane Modeling Agency, Second Look Studio


New Release From Styles of edo

Mami Jewell, designer of female outfits for Styles of edo, has been releasing a lot of sexy and well made dresses. For this release, she made a series of a cocktail length dress called "Coppelia." She had always been known for the quality of the textures that she uses and she's done it again! This time, the dress itself is one the most simplest of forms as you can see in the pictures below. But it was this simple form was so effective to have eyes focus on the smooth and silky texture.

"Coppelia" is a title of a sentimental comic ballet performance with original choreography by the famous Arther Saint-Leon and initially performed in 1870. This name well fits the cute and coquettish look of this sweet dress that Mami made.

The skirt part is rich and flows out naturally from the waist with a slight puffiness and adorned with lovely lace at the bottom. But again, what is note worthy is the texture. I have really never seen better silky texture than what Mami makes.

See is believing. So here are the pics and please take note of the silkiness and the beauty of simplicity.

Styles of edo - Coppelia Black

Styles of edo - Coppelia Blue

Styles of edo - Coppelia Olive

Styles of edo - Coppelia Pink
Styles of edo - Coppelia Red
Styles of edo - Coppelia Turquoise
For Styles of edo, click here.


Our beautiful new Bax Coen Suede Ankle Boots.....

Some may say that Stiletto Moody are the sexiest shoes in SL..... in fact i've been quoted as saying they are sex on legs..... however they have very strong competition from Bax Coen.   And her ankle boots, in my opinion are the sexiest boots in the whole of SL.... FACT.

So imagine my excitement when i got the chance to model the new Brown Suede versions in the ad!  i was sooooo excited that i literally left the house in my underwear, just grabbing my Black Mac on the way out and arrived at the Timeless Studio for the shoot in a rather kinky get up!

Timeless Agency were of course putting the ad together, the brilliant Leah McCullough on camera duties, along with SerinaJane Loon (your Timeless CEO) - both of them thinking up the creative side.... Bax Coen herself, and then me!

We all got our boots and stockings on - all stockings from No.9 Nylons, and very little else actually and went out in the rain to create the steamy pics you'll see in the ad.  Many a passer by stopping and staring at 4 beautiful but slightly crazy ladies all standing incredibly close to each other in pretty much just stockings and boots...... lots of giggling going on thats for sure!

But all in the name of art.  yes we got wet, but boy did we feel good in these boots...... and so will anyone that wears them.... guaranteed.

these are available now from Bax Coen's store..... go get them now.....
stockings available from No. 9 Nylons

from left to right:  Leah McCullough, Bax Coen, Clarabelle Cazalet, SerinaJane Loon

post by Clarabelle Cazalet.  photo by Leah McCullough


Looking For Your Dream Goth Skin?

I don't wear goth skins are a regular skin but do have some in my inventory, not much. I had tried a LOT though but could never find something that I was completely happy with. Even with goth skin, I wanted something that looked nice and pretty, not just scary and even if I could find something that I thought was fairly nice on the face, it was usually the case that the body part looked quite disappointing, lacking in contour.

However, after a long search, I finally found my dream goth skin!

It was a brand new skin shop that just opened only about 2 weeks ago, InZane Body Art. InZane Rozen, the creator initially launched her Goth Skin series, followed by her Blue Skin series. InZane, like me, had felt that there were very little good goth skins available in the SL market and decided to start from launching goth skins. When I saw pictures of the skin, my first thought was "oh I love this goth make up!" They weren't too scary but goth enough and more importantly "pretty." But my biggest "WOW" followed after I tried the demo skins on. The body of her skins was simply fantastic! I was trying her skins together with a vampire friend who regularly wears goth skins as her daily skin, and she was also so excited to finally find a skin that gave her a knee. It was so funny to hear her say "omg, I finally have a knee!! I love my butt!"

InZane Body Art, currently has some eyes as well as skin. According to InZane, she will gradually expand her creation line up to include other forms of body art such as more purple skins and eventually regular skins as well. Seeing her goth skin quality, I must say, I can't wait to see her regular skins.

InZane Goth Skin - Body

InZane Goth Skin No. 1

InZane Goth Skin No. 2

InZane Goth Skin No. 3

InZane Goth Skin No. 4

InZane Goth Skin No. 5

InZane Goth Skin No. 6

InZane Goth Skin No. 7

InZane Goth Skin No. 8

InZane Goth Skin No. 9

InZane Goth Skin No. 10

InZane Goth Skin No. 11

InZane Goth Skin No. 12

InZane Goth Skin No. 13

InZane Goth Skin No. 14

InZane Goth Skin No. 15

Click here to InZane Skin and go see for yourself!

Written and modeled by Kay Fairey, Boulevard Agency, Evane Models Agency and Second Look Studio.


New Releases! Anubis Style and JCNY latest!

JCNY has released a VERY unique and modern necklace and earrings set called "Angels on High." I was positively shocked when I saw this necklace!! It's certainly one of the most unique, modern and creative necklace I have ever seen! The necklace is more like a choker that fits your neck with long sticks of gems extending out radially from the center ring. What makes this so unique is that the left half, when seen from the front, face downwards while the right half ascends out from the ring, almost forming a cage like look on the right side of your neck.

This is hard to explain in words, so best look at the pics below.

But in all honesty, I had been looking for formal and yet modern looking jewelry for a long time, but there were very few available. Most formal jewelry take on a more classic look or even if they are somewhat modern, it was only the way the gems were arranged and NOT the basic shape of the piece. This necklace, in that sense, is SO creative and modern and resembles none that I have seen. I am absolutely loving this and wearing this with a lot of my formal outfits now.

The set come with matching earrings and also for both necklace and earrings the set comes with a glow version and a non-glow version so you can choose whether you want a glow or not. As for me, I have always been wearing the glow version as the glow is not as tacky as a bling and what better idea than to show it off!!

The outfit I matched today is a another new release. This time from Anubis Style called "Tiger." As you can see, this is also a very modern and creative outfit too! It looks like a gown with a long skirt but in fact, the bottom part are two prims with ruffles that attach to both legs! So strictly speaking, the outfit is more a pants outfit than a gown. As the name suggests, it has a strong and impactful image which made it hard to match with conventional formal jewelry.

This was a perfect outfit to wear JCNY's "Angel on High"!

Last but not least, I also found these lovely ankle boots that fit outfits with brown/orange based colours, "Victoria Shoes" from Dirty Lynx. The amazing thing is, although this store had footwear too, it was not a shoes store. And yet the quality of the ankle boots was simply amazing! Again, this was perfect for a skirt-like pants as the one you would see here since people will be able to tell that this is a pair of pants rather than a gown if I start moving.

I am absolutely loving this look as I tend to like looks that have an impact that co-exist with elegance. I am so happy!! Can you tell?

JCNY - Angels on High (jewelry)

Anubis Style, "Tiger" with JCNY, "Angel on High"

Dirty Lynx - Victoria Shoes
Outfit: Anubis Style, Tiger
Necklace & Earrings: JCNY, "Angels on High" ICONOCLAST Necklace Set
Ankle boots: Dirty Lynx, Victoria Shoes
Hair: EXXESS Designs, Doggy (black)
Skin: QS (Quelita Soon), Milk tone, Dark 002

Written and modeled by Kay Fairey, Boulevard Agency, Evane Models Agency and Second Look Studio


Clio Pret-a-Porter: Dynamic And Elegant

When I modeled for the Best of Italian show a little while ago where many Italian designers were featured, one of my fellow models was wearing outfits from Clio Pret-a-Porter. I was watching what she wore throughout the show as I loved them and was already contemplating on another shopping venture.

It took some time before I could go as I had been a little busy lately, but I finally did and boy did I enjoy myself!! I got myself two outfits that I liked the most and came back to take pictures so that I could blog about them. It was then that I saw a notice being sent from Clio Cardiff annoucing some new releases! What a great timing!!! And as you can imagine, I ended up going on my second round of shopping venture still dressed in a gown I got from my first round.

So now I have four gowns to show here of which the first two are the ones I got on my first round of shopping and the last two are the new released new colours that Clio has just released in her stores.

The first gown is called "Theresa Black Gown". This gown comes in several colour variations and looks so unique. Although it is a simple mermaid shaped gown, the colour scheme and the frame-like line she uses on the body part makes this gown look so modern and yet elegant. The simple form further enhances these values. Even in a show environment, this gown stood out and it was this that initially caught my eye.

Clio Pret-a-Porter: Theresa Black Gown

Outfit: Clio Pret-a-Porter, Theresa Black Gown
Necklace & Earrings: Jewelry by Jake, 62a - L'exquise beaute Black Diamond Necklace & earrings
Shoes: Stiletto Moody, d'Orsay (black)
Hair: Dernier Cri, Lara (black)
Skin: Beauty Avatar, Ariel Light Skin 09

The next one is called "Embrace Dream Gown". This was a gown Clio designed and created after she was inspired by looking at a giant statue of a man and a woman together in a steady but passionate embrace in the Black Swan Sim. Quoting from Clio's blog, "As an embrace the dress is soft. It moves gently and holds the woman as if the skirt panels were the arms of a lover.
The sleeves are long, because a hug feels warm on your arms, and they are softer and somewhat heavier up towards the shoulders. Neck and shoulders are uncovered, to show a woman's beauty and sensuality, and a flowered chocker adds delicacy to the ensemble."

If you look closely, the bodice is also designed to have two different textures meet in the middle so the right side is different from the left. This symbolizes the two embracing eachother and becoming one.

I thought this concept was so beautiful and even if I had fallen in love with the dress at first sight, it made me love it more. So here is the original "Embrace gown" that I bought.

Clio Pret-a-Porter "Embrace Dream Gown"

Outfit: Clio Pret-a-Porter, Embrace Dream Gown for Passions of Black Swan
Shoes: Adam n Eve Shoes, Classique (Night Pool)
Hair: Dernier Cri, Lara (black)
Skin: Tuli, sUmi /starry/ pale /green/

After the success of this original Embrace gown, Clio just released three new colour additions, two of which are shown here. This time, the colours are more daring and unique! So here are the new releases fresh out of the oven.

Clio Pret-a-Porter: Embrace Memoires Gown

Outfit: Clio Pret-a-Porter, Embrace Memoires Gown
Shoes: Shiny Things, Dare pumps (black nighttime)
Hair: Exile, Runway 1 (black)
Nails: Persona, Polished Nails (red)

Clio Pret-a-Porter: Embrace Shock Gown

Outfit: Clio Pret-a-Porter, Embrace Shock Gown
Shoes: Tesla, Estella (green)
Hair: Magika, Yeah (black)
Skin: Lion Skins, Suzana fair 35
Nails: Persona, Polished Nails (red)

Written and photographed by Kay Fairey, Boulevard Agency, Evane Models Agency & Second Look Studio model