Ewing Fashion Agency presents "Hot as Ice" New Lingerie Collection Show

Ewing Fashion Agency will be presenting "Hot as Ice - the EFA Holiday Lingerie Revue"!!

The latest lingerie collection from Angel Dessous, Blacklace and Insolence will be shown with shoes from Zhao.

November 28th (Fri), 12 noon SLT
Ewing Fashion District Runway

Rena Mascot
Ella Quinsette
Kay Fairey
Aleida Rhode
ZoeAnastasia Aeon
Musique Gable
Tammy Trommler

Host: Tiffany Dragonash
DJ: Aris Earnshaw


A Sweet Dress From Maria Bonita

I posted about Maria Bonita in my November 19th post. Today, I have another sweet dress that I got in this new store which is called Dress Dots in purple. It's a simple dress. But I like simple ones as they leave more room for styling myself and it's more fun.

So here I wore this dress and matched it up with sweet polka dot stockings I found in a Japanese store called Juicy Pop which came in many colours in a set. I also wore a pair of ankle boots from Bax Coen and I wore a fun hair from Bish to make a stylish but playful look.

For jewelry, I wore "Deep Sea Treasure" from a store that has quickly become one of my fav jewelry stores, Vencenca Rosca Jewellry. The jewelry sold here always come in a wide variety in sets and priced very reasonably. This one, for example, had different bracelet designs such as a narrow one ring bracelet to a five ring bracelet which is the one I am wearing here. It even has rings for both hands and also a matching belly ring. I posted about the jewelry here already in my previous post, showing many other designs available here so if you've read that post, you could see why I love this place. It's really a store no fashionista should miss.

Maria Bonita - Dress Dots (purple)

Outfit: Maria Bonita, Dress Dots (purple)
Stockings: Juicy Pop, Dot Lace Stockings (purple)
Ankle Boots: Bax Coen Designs, BAX Ankle Boots White
Bracelet & Earrings: Vincenca Rosca Jewellry, Deep Sea Treasure
Nails: Persona, Polished Nails (plum)
Hair: Bish, Seductress (black)
Skin: Tuli, Emily [pale] - annette

Written and modeled by Kay Fairey, model for Boulevard Agency, Evan Models Agency, Ewing Fashion Agency, the Best of Italian, BeStar Fashion, Second Look Studio and Beauty Avatar.


A GREAT Jewelry Store You Don't Want To Miss!

I came across a great jewelry store just by accident. I walked in and I was like "WOW, WOW, WOW!!" It was GREAT!! So I want to tell the world about Vincenca Rosca Finest Jewellery.

First off, the designs were all so unique, original but also really nice. But other than that, each set was very affordable. None of them were over L&500 but still contained everything you can think of needing. The sets included a necklace, bracelet, earrings, rings and even belly rings! I have more to tell you though. The bracelets and rings were for both hands and arms. You even get 2 or 3 types of different bracelets or earrings in a set depending on which set you get. So you can pick and choose which jewelry you wanted to wear!

Not only this, every jewelry piece is colour changing. You can change the gem and the metal to suit whatever you are wearing. So you just choose a design and out of the whole set, what you want to wear, like whether you want to wear both bracelets or only one.....that's your choice. Then you can click on the pieces to choose what colour gem you want or whether you want it in gold, silver or platinum....and also choose from what gold type you want even.

I have never seen a jewelry store that gives you so much freedon and so much flexibility in great designs!!

This is a store you just don't want to miss and I am SO happy that I found this place! Go check it out yourself. I can promise anybody a happy shopping trip!! And "Aztec's Treasure" was marked down to 290L this week and "Spanish Dreams" was a FREEBIE! Don't miss this!

So let me show you what I got. You can see I did go a bit crazy shopping here. I was just so excited! But I am going to go back to get some more for sure.

Vincenca Rosca Finest Jewellery - Antique Star Shine (L$450)

Vincenca Rosca Finest Jewellery - Aztec's Treasure (L$490 -> Now L$290)

Vincenca Rosca Finest Jewellery - Celtic Beauty Collection (L$450)

Vincenca Rosca Finest Jewellery - Magic Cubes (L$420)

Vincenca Rosca Finest Jewellery - Spanish Dreams (FREE)

Vincenca Rosca Finest Jewellery - Star Flower Collection (L$430)

Click here to get to Vincenca Rosca Finest Jewellery


A New Designer, A New Store: Maria Bonita

I visited a new store, "Maria Bonita" that was just opened by a designer called Mell Coage. I must say, I enjoyed the visit immensely! She had a lot of outfits for a new store....almost too much to look at and all sold at very reasonable prices! All outfits were in the 100 - 130L range which meant, I could buy lots and not worry too much about my Lindens. And shop I did.

Although a lot of her clothes were casual, she also had some that were fit to be worn to a party. A lot of colours, a lot of fun and a lot of styles.

Here, I am showing two outfits I got. One is an outfit called "Dance Bling Outfit." As the name suggests, this is a fun short pants set that comes with a simple black tank top. It was simple enough to allow me to have fun with other items I matched it up with. I chose a metallic tights that I picked up at G.L.A.M as a freebie offered in the store that was modifiable so we could colour it to whatever colour we wished. This is great to match, as I often find that the tights or stockings that I have, don't match because of the slight difference in colour tone. I also played with a fun hair from Cocoluv. This hair comes with a colour changing turban that will also make it easier to match up.

Then I wore a pair of black boots that has hot pink shoe sole. So although it looks plain black, the pink underneath shows as I dance or walk.

And this is the fun look I got. All ready to go out dancing!!

Maria Bonita - Dance Bling Outfit

Outfit: Maria Bonita, Dance Bling Outfit
Tights: G.L.A.M., Tintable Metallic Lycra Tights (solid yellow) *freebie
Necklace: RYCA, Cross Gold Necklace
Earrings: RYCA, Circle Five #2 Gold
Bangles: RYCA, Texture Change Bangle Gold
Boots: Fussy, Hot Pink Stilettos
Hair: Cocoluv, Missy (black)
Nails: Persona, Polished nails (gold)
Skin: Minnu, Fair (cat)

The next one is one of the outfits Mell has that will be great for a party to which you might want to wear something not as formal as a ballroom gown but something fun and stylish. It's called "Dress Pompom Black" and as the name suggests, has a pompom-like skirt with a top that has a sheer part both in the front and back in different shapes. It's an outfit that is both sexy and sweet.

The stockings I wore here were a pair of stockings that was given out at the Styles of edo for free. It has a line at the back which are a kind of stockings I like a lot. Sometimes those lace or fishnet stockings are fancy but a bit too much and I tend to prefer these simple ones to match with outfits.

If you haven't yet, try making a visit to Maria Bonita. I am sure you will have as much fun as I did.

Maria Bonita - Dress Pompom Black

Outfit: Maria Bonita, Dress Pompom Black
Stockings: Styles of edo, stockings (black) *freebie
Bracelet: Alienbear Design, Pearl Teardrop Pearl Bracelet (white)
Shoes: Morpheus Dream, Crimson
Hair: Goldie Locks, River (black)
Nails: Candy Nail, #016 Birth Stone "Diamond Elegance"
Skin: QS (Quelita Soon) Skin, Milk、Disco 001

Written and modeled by Kay Fairey, model for Boulevard Agency, Evane Models Agency, Ewing Fashion Agency and Second Look Studio

New Coat Collection from Styles of edo

Styles of edo, that has been launching a lot of new items lately has now come up with two new coat collection to prepare us for the winter season. Vivace, a short coat with a pants set and also Andante, a long version with short pants and stockings have been released together with Tahitian Black Pearls and also a creamy coloured pearl jewelry from Styles of edo. Here I will show Vivace and Andante.

Vivace is a short coat that comes in 5 colours; black, brown, pink, blue and green. All coats have these colours weaved with black so none of them are bright coloured. Here I am wearing pink and as you can see, pink is really not pink pink, but more of a subdued colour that is "pinkish." It has fluffy fur surrounding the neck and sleeve ends for a classy and elegant look. Here, I have worn it with the pants set that comes with the coat. A patterned shirt and a dark gray pants that matches the coat but these can be changed to any outfit you have that can be worn underneath.

I wore this set with a hat and also with a clutch bag that I got from one of my favorite stores that sells great accessories as well as shapes and skins, "+plus*." Helena Compton of "+plus*" has many attractive bags as well as other items that you can choose from to match with your outfits and I must say, I must have bought out her whole store! I have to look for items I don't have yet as I love her items so much. If you haven't yet, you must go down and see for yourself. By the way, it seems like she has moved her store so if you have been there but haven't visited for a while, try to tp from the link below and make a new LM so you have her new store location.

I wore this set with the Tahitian Black Pearl necklace. Tahitian pearls are known to be at the highest of quality in black pearls and the colour is very distinctive, being of a somewhat greenish black when it shines. edo Tone, was very particular in getting this colour reproduced in SL when he had Chrissy Ambrose of Virtual Impressions make the jewelry for him. And you can see that the efforts paid off as the pearls are not just plain black but generates a lovely greenish shine that must had been hard to achieve in SL.

Styles of edo - Vivace (pink)

Coat and pants set: Styles of edo, Vivace (pink)
Necklace: Styles of edo, Short Single Strand Tahitian Black Pearl Necklace
Earrings: Styles of edo, Short Single Strand Tahitian Black Pearl Studded Earrings
Short Boots: Biddle Boots, Pirate Ankle Boots Black
Hat: Hat Heaven, Red and Black Regal Feathered Hat
Clutch Bag: +plus*, Big Clutch in Croco Leather
Hair: Sirena, Josephine (Black - Midnight)
Skin: Tuli, Meredith (light) nicely nude

The next one is the long version, Andante. Here I wore the black version but the sets come in the same 5 colours as Vivace, black, brown, pink, blue and green. But here, instead of the shirt that came with it, I wore the new top released from Baiastice as the shirt that came with the set was the same as the one that came in the Vivace set. I matched it up with the new bag that was also released from Baiastice and another one of the Black Pearls Collection necklace but this time in double strand to match with more volume that I have with the longer coat. Again, this coat can be worn with other outfits you have that can be worn underneath so long as it is not a jacket layer and it does not take up the prim parts attachment places that the coat needs.

Styles of edo - Andante (black)

Long coat & short pants set: Styles of edo, Andante (black)
Top inside the coat: Baiastice, Top (red)
Bag: Baiastice, Twiggy bag, Whitness resize
Necklace: Styles of edo, Double Strand Tahitian Pearl Necklace
Short Boots: Bax Coen Designs, Ankle Boots Black Patent
Nails: Celestial Studio, Lulu Fingernails, Dark Red (White tips)

Written and modeled by Kay Fairey, model for Boulevard Agency, Evan Models Agency, Ewing Fashion Agency and Second Look Studio


November Gift Item From ALB Dream Fashion

One of my favorite stores is ALB Dream Fashion with all the colourful gowns and outfits that are so unique. Designer AnaLee Balut certain has a LOT of creativity and creates the most dreamy fashion. No wonder she named her store "ALB Dream Fashion."

What's amazing is that she always places a monthly free gift item for all those who visit her store. This is wonderful for me as I am always so capped in groups that I don't have any slots left to join store groups. So I make it a regular trip to visit her store every month to pick up the monthly free item and also to do other shopping as well. I must say, the items she places as free definitely do not look like any freebie at all! She always has a full set of outfits that can be sold in her store as any regular item or sometimes even more with everything like skins and accessories included.

For the month of November, she had this set - Firebird Set. As the name suggests, it's a gorgeous dress with flaming colours! If you don't attach the prim parts, it will even be a sexy lingerie with a sweet thong and a corset tied at the back.

To match this gorgeous gown, I wore a feather hair accessory that is colour changing to fit various coloured outfits. The colour "mango" was perfect for this set. And to finish off, I wore the same coloured make up skin from Lion Skins which is also my fav with so many different make ups to choose from. If the make up colours fit the outfit you are wearing, you are sure to achieve the most stunning look! On the other hand, I decided not to wear any other jewelry. With this gown, feathers and make-up, sometimes too much can be an over-kill. As you often say, "the last piece is always too much!"

This time, I also took some pics to take in the atmosphere of this lovely club that my dear friend introduced me to. Club Noir La Musique - a world of black and white and so chic. The bright gown made a perfect contrast to this simple world of no colours but if I go visit again, a pitch black dress might be chic and befitting to this club also.

ALB Dream Fashion - Firebird Set

Outfit: ALB Dream Fashion, Firebird Set
Shoes: Shiny Things, Dare pumps (orange daytime)
Hair: Dernier Cri, Lara (black)
Hair Accessory (feathers): Digit Darkes, M.Antoinette Ostrich Feather Baret (mango)
Skin: Lion Skins, Pale #25

Photo shoot location: Club Noir La Musique

Written and modeled by Kay Fairey, model for Boulevard Agency, Evane Models Agency, Ewing Fashion Agency and Second Look Studio

It's Getting Cold And I Need A Coat!

It was getting very cold here, at least where I am located and I wanted a coat. So I went off coat shopping. There were so many different kinds of coats but this time I got myself one that will make me look like a Hollywood actress. LOL Oh well, It's free to dream anything in SL right? I might as well dream BIG!

This is a coat from ALB Dream Fashion. It came in two colours but I picked the one in grass green. The folder had a short version and and a long version and I could choose whether I wanted fur with them or not. Believe it or not, the one I am wearing here is the SHORT version. The long version is much longer! I tried it but I think I prefer the shorter version as this is, in my opinion, long enough!

So the scene I had in my mind was...a Hollywood actress going shopping. So....I would wear jeans inside. Not a fancy dress. I kinda like wearing casual clothes under a dramatic coat but don't ask me why. So this is the look I made. Casual plus a dramatic coat with fur! Hmmm....now I need a fancy man in a white sports car to come pick me up. :P Any volunteers?

Coat: ALB Dream Fashion, ALB DIVA coat by AnaLee Balut
Jeans: Jador Fashion, Heart Denim
Top (Tank Top): plus, Snake Top Green
Boots: Maitreya, Dune (brown)
Hair: Hair Styles by Tamy McCoy, Posh II (midnight)
Skin: Aden, Gen. 3 Skins、Light - cateye

Written and modeled by Kay Fairey, model for Boulevard Agency, Evane Models Agency, Ewing Fashion Agency and Second Look Studio


I Feel Like A Faerie: LBD New Gown

A lovely gown had been released by LeeZu Baxter Designs. Ginko Flexi Dress - Lilie. It is such a grand gown and yet the dainty image it has is quite amazing. The top is almost bare on the left side and not only is it sweet but also very sexy.

The very delicate colours, which can only be described at pink and green, but no way would those two colour names do justice to this very delicate and sweet colours, is used with amazing texture. It comes with a large hair ornament that looks like three flowers and also three skirt parts. One of them is the one closest to a normal gown but LeeZu made this skirt with an amazing 136 prims which shows the detail and the amount of work that had gone into it. It is slightly longer at the back and because of this length, the green part at the bottom of the skirts shows more at the back, making it a charming part of the design.

Then there is a more sheer looking sculpture primed skirt that is more full and not flexi. This part can be attached together with the flexi skirt, which I did in the pics. There is also a short mini skirt, which is a whopping 192 prims! With the mini skirt, the outfit looks almost like a faerie outfit. I know there will be personal tastes but I like the long grand ballroom skirt the most because I think it makes the most out of the dainty colours and delicate design of the top part.

The solf colours of this gown matched the Classic Akoya Pearl jewelry that was launched from Styles of edo because the pearls in these pieces are cream pink coloured rather than white due to aging. I wrote about these pearls in my previous post so please refer to this write up if you are interested. It's no ordinary pearls so I thought the value and quality of these pearls matched this gorgeous gown aside from the colour.

LeeZu Baxter - Ginko Flexi Dress, Lilie

Outfit: LeeZu Baxter Designs, Ginko Flexi Dress - Lilie
Shoes: Stiletto Moody, Pinup (Blush)
Necklace: Styles of edo, Classic Akoya Triple Strand Necklace
Earrings: Styles of edo, Classic Akoya Drop Earrings
Hair: Sky Everett Designs, Tempting Fate black w/earrings
Nails: Persona, Nail Gloves (light pink)
Skin: Tuli, Emily [pale] ~ coal

Written and modeled by Kay Fairey, model for Boulevard Agency, Evane Models Agency, Ewing Fashion Agency and Second Look Studio


Swanilda; A New Gown From Styles of edo

So this is my second post for today as I wanted to keep posts from jewelry separate from outfits (see the post below for a new Classic Akoya Pearl jewelry release from Styles of edo).

Together with a launch of antique Akoya Pearl jewelries, Styles of edo just released a gown called Swanilda which is a long gown version of Coppelia. The elegant gown now has a shoulder stall in addition to the long skirt and comes in seven beautiful colours; black, blue, brown, olive, pink, red and turquoise.

The impression of this new gown is that it's just simply elegant! Not too much and not overly decorative which accentuates the quality of the satin texture used which designer and creator, Mami Jewell is so good at. This will be a perfect gown for ladies who are looking for elegant gowns for high class social events that require style, elegance but more importantly good taste in fashion.

Styles of edo - Swanilda (Turquoise)

Outfit: Styles of edo, Swanilda (turquoise)
Shoes: Maitreya, Slinky Stilettos (pine green)
Earrings: Styles of edo, Classic Akoya Pearl Drop Earrings
Hair: The Abyss Hair, Aeon (full moon)
Skin: Tuli, Elizabeth [ pale ] fern

Written and modeled by Kay Fairey, model for Boulevard Agency, Evane Models Agency, Ewing Fashion Agency, Best of Italian and Second Look Studio


Big New Releases at Styles of edo! Pearls and Gowns

This weekend, Styles of edo has decided to release a new gown called Swanilda, which is a long gown version of Coppelia and also their very first pearl jewelry, the Akoya Pearl Series. I will post about the Swanilda release in a separate post.

If you know anything about pearls, you should be excited! The Akoya Pearls were natural pearls (non-cultured) that existed in the early 1900's that are no longer produced or available except as antique pearl jewelry. A real Akoya Pearl triple strand can cost something like US$50,000 or more and are true luxuries which you will be lucky enough if you found a good one on sale. Well, this is Second Life! Make your jewelry dream come true!

edo has launched 4 necklace types, single strand, long single strand, double strand and triple strand together with 2 types of earrings, studded pearl earrings and drop type earrings. Note the creamy pinkish colour of the pearls. Pink pearls are the most expensive pearls you can get as it is not easy to match up the colours of pearls to make a whole necklace or any piece of jewelry with pink coloured pearls. The pearl jewelry that just came out from Styles of edo are all pinkish and creamy that comes from aging.

The backside of the necklaces are also made to first class quality with a detailed necklace buckle as you can see from a picture I have taken below.

You might be wondering if edo Tone is now making jewelry. Well, not really. The idea and concept of these pearl jewelry came from edo Tone while the actual creation was done by the Chrissy Ambrose, designer and creator of jewelry who owns Virtual Impressions. This explains the quality of the pieces. So let me show you what these two have come up with as a collaborative work.

Styles of edo - Akoya Pearl Single Strand

Styles of edo - Akoya Pearl Single Strand (long)

Styles of edo - Akoya Pearl Double Strand

Styles of edo - Akoya Pearl Triple Strand

The back side of the pearl necklaces (the one shown here is a triple strand)

To go to Styles of edo, click here.

Written and modeled by Kay Fairey, model for Boulevard Agency, Evane Models Agency, Ewing Fashion Agency and Second Look Studio


Wen Winkler: A New Designer of Great Gowns

I ran into Wen some time ago when she just opened a new store as her very own. Wen had been a designer with OMG! Inc., but she launched on a project to have her own outfits in her own store. She had some wedding gowns and some coloured gowns for the bride maids when I walked in. This was my first encounter with Wen.

It's been about a month or so since then. She had been sending me pics of her new releases and I couldn't believe how quickly she was turning into a great gown designer! Even when she started, she was already quite impressive with the textures she was using but now she is acquiring new skills to create interesting gowns on top of her texture skills.

I must say I am VERY impressed!! I was so excited when I visited her store yesterday since the last time I visited about a month ago. I was thinking "I knew it!! I knew it!!" Wen's gowns are all very elegant but she makes gowns that leave a strong impression. It could be the colours she uses together with her designs. But her gowns, for some reason, are memorable. I will introduce some of her lovely creations here from time to time and here is one of them - "Purple Haze."

The purple Wen chose for this gown is just right to give it an almost royal feel to it in addition to the top part that gives it a bit of a classic touch. The basic design is simple, but it's these small details that give the gown a very nice look and feel that makes you feel like a princess.

I am now convinced that Wen Winkler will be one designer I need to keep my eyes on.

Wen's Wedding Dreams - Purple Haze

Outfit: Wen's Wedding Dreams, Purple Haze
Shoes: Jador Fashion, JPB Jador Shoes "Eternity"
Necklace, bracelet, earrings & comb: Jewelry by Jake, 34a-Marquise Diamanti-Blue Diamond Collection
Nails (manicure and pedicure): Persona, Polished Nails - purple
Hair: Truth, Olivia (Noir)
Skin: Celestial Studios, Vogue Skin - Pure (Jade - Glitter)

Written and modeled by Kay Fairey, model for Boulevard Agency, Evane Models Agency, Ewing Fashion Agency, the Best of Italian and Second Look Studio.