The Asymmetrical Dress

So, i have a thing for asymmetrical dresses at the moment.  I came across one which i absolutely loved, then discovered quite a few, and just couldn't resist buying them all!  Call me and asymmetraholic, but i dont care.  I love them.  My first number was the sheer one below.  I first spotted Minnu Palen wearing this one at her private birthday party at Seven, so i got straight on message to find out wear it was from.  To my surprise, it was found on OnRez and only cost $200!  For my next wonky purchase, i went on a spending spree in Cachet on the new autumn line, and picked up 4 yes 4!! wonky dresses!  And while on my search for new clothes for my autumn wardrobe i found another stunning asymmetricalistic number in Bianca F.  have a look at my purchases below.  [credits underneath]

dress:  bianca f  leggings:  bianca f  hair: mirai style  skin: blowpop 'clara' in the tuesday vivid range  earrings: bianca f   necklace:  bianca f   bracelets:  ryca  shoes:  stiletto moody 

dress: cachet  hair: minnu  skin: aden  stockings: lucky  shoes: stiletto moody  Ring: bianca f 
dress: *sheer*  hair: mirai style  skin: aden  boots: stiletto moody  ring  bianca f  

dress & tights: cachet  hair: minnu  skin: aden  boots: armidi giscaci  earrings: cachet  ring: bianca f

dress & tights: cachet  hair: aden  skin: aden  boots: armidi giscaci  earrings: paper couture

dress: cachet  hair: minnu  skin: aden  stockings: lucky  shoes: stiletto moody  bracelets: ryca

modeled and photographed by Clarabelle Cazalet (second look studio, premiere modeling agency)

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Kay Fairey said...

Hahahah OMG you REALLY went on a shopping spree!!!

But great post!
I love them all!!