A New Skin From "Shapes by Kira"

Oh dear.....I hadn't blogged for such a long time! Maybe this was the longest since I've last logged in to update my blog. It's not that I was lazy. No, far from it. I had been too busy directing shows which has quickly become one of my major jobs here in SL along with my modeling. I even had some pics taken for my blogs but alas, I simply had no time to write. :-(

I am back now with a new series of skin I just got!

Compared to a year ago, there are now so many great skins you can obtain in SL so it's not that hard to find nice skins that can make avatars gorgeous. However, I have been looking for a skin that has the kind of brows that I like and this has proved to be more difficult than I had ever imagined. Maybe it had been a trend but many of the great skins I found had very strong and dark eye brows. Other issues I often found was that many skins had too much make up or was too strong in the colours they used.

What struck me the first thing I wore the demos I picked up was that the eye brows were exactly the type of eye brows that I was looking for. Not too dark but dark enough to make a statement. So I quickly teleported back to the store I just came back from, still wearing my demo skin.

The new Eva Skins that Kira Paderborn came up with are an evolution of an earlier skin to which Kira made improvements from feedback she received and it really was great skin that looked not only natural but had some great makeups. I liked the range of lip colours she offered too as I had been finding that some skins tend to have a lot of the pale pink/beige lips and different shades of it but when I wanted to wear more colours on my lips to match outfits, the colours would not be available. The Eva Skins has both pale and strong lips that also come in a variety of colours. Having had some makeup training in RL, I absolutely love makeups and love wearing different coloured makeups depending on what I wear even in RL. So the colour variation offered was a joy to see.

Eva Skin - Fair Natural

These are some of the makeups that were included in the fatpack. I have never been great with photo editing but these pics, I have decided to use without any editing at all. With editing, any skin can look great, right? So including the one above, none of the pics I am using today have been retouched.

Eva Skin - Fair M1

Eva Skin - Fair M4

Eva Skin - Fair M7

Eva Skin - Fair M9

I usually wear pale/fair skin tone but I do wear much darker skin tone also when I'm wearing swimming suits or with certain outfits that go better with darker skin. So I tried the darker skin demos too and loved this one called "Sun Kissed." It had the similar makeup variety with the fair skins, but I had to refrain from spending too much on a single day but these "Sun Kissed" skins will definitely be my next shopping target once I save up again.

Eva Skin - Sun Kissed M4 (demo)

I might also add that Kira told me she will have a skin that will only be available at your booth in the Skin Fair that has just started or starting any minute as I write this (Sept. 26 - Oct 19). This will be one with smokey eyes and pale lips. Nice! I'm going to have to head to Skin Fair then since this variation will not be available in her store.

Run, run!!

Skin: Shapes by Kira, Eva Skin - Fair
Bathing suit: si*na:museum, si*na:Bikini, Bijou (Black)

Written and modeled by Kay Fairey, Modavia Super Mmodel, Agency Director and Top model for Boulevard Agency, Team edo Director and writer for the Best of SL Magazine.


A Dress Called "Kay's Kibou"

"Kibou" means wish in Japanese. It can also mean dream or desire (non-sexual) and Ashoka Eames of Phoenix Rising created a wonderfully sweet dress called "Kay's Kibou." How nice of her!!

Phoenix Rising - Kay's Kibou

It has lots of butterflies which I LOVE and the skirt uses this lovely texture that creates a wonderful effect on a semi-poofy skirt. It's not a full formal gown which is something I also love about it. It's that length that allows me to wear this outfit to any occasion and also look elegant no matter where I go. There is also matching jewelry that are sold separately but were designed and created by Kieran Debevec which also has tiny butterflies to match the outfit.

I was pleasantly shocked when Ashoka first showed me the outfit saying she designed the outfit with butterflies. This was because my late grand mother, who I loved dearly, loved butterflies and she had butterflies on almost everything she owned. For example, all her handkerchiefs had butterflies, her towels, her dresses, her kimonos, even her bags had butterflies on them. So whenever I see butterfly designs, it reminds me of her.

She was the most elegant, yet strong woman. She was very modest but at the same time, not afraid to stand up against things she believed was not right. In other words, she was the most elegant and yet cool lady I knew. And of course, she was and still is my role model.

So this outfit, that Ashoka designed for me, is very special to me. I had never told her about my grand mother so I don't know......maybe my grand mother spoke to her from heaven.

Thank you, Ashoka, for a wonderful dress!

Outfit: Phoenix Rising, Kay's Kibou
Jewelry: Phoenix Rising, Kibou Jewelry
Shoes: Styles of edo, EIRIS Straight Strap Pointed (black)
Hair: Glitter, Lala (black)
Skin: Lion Skins, SU Fair #13b

Written and modeled by Kay Fairey, Modavia Super Model, Agency Director and model for Boulevard Agency, Team edo Director and writer for the Best of SL Magazine.