A New Release from KWZ

KWZ by Japanese designer Kariwanz Felisimo, is one that almost seems deceiving as her designs do not look like creations by Japanese. I have been posting about her several times but that is definitely not because we are friends but because I truely believe that she is a designer that deserves top class evaluation.

KWZ - Lace Hood B

Her new creation is called "Lace Hood" and she has type A and type B that are very slightly different. Both come with this big lace hood that has various attachments such as this huge ribbon that you see in my pics. She has other types such as bunny ears, lopped eared rabbit ears, bear and horns. The complete mismatch with cute things like ribbons and bunny ears and this gown that is somewhat gothic in style makes you question the combination at first. But once worn this unexpected combination becomes its mysterious appeal.

As a proof of this, I was contacted by several people while I was shooting the pictures, asking me where the gown came from. This is not something that happens every time I shoot.

This gown, in my opinion, is best worn with minimum jewelry as the gown, together with the hood, has such an immense presence and adding anything will simply take away from the gown itself. So this time, I let the gown speak for itself.

Outfit: KWZ, Lace Hood B


A New Release From "a la folie": Ballerine

One of my favorite stores, a la folie, has just released a new dress called "Ballerine." As the name suggests, it is shaped like a ballerina costume with a wide fluffy skirt and a top that has a low cut with tiny cute sleeves on the arms. As with all of her designs, designer pixivor Allen uses lots of flowers to create this dress including a sculpt flower on the left side of the waist. But that is not all. The skirt has a soft and delicate lace layer that flows out of the skirt with movement and adds that gentle touch.

The outfit came with a pair of elegant off white pumps but I wanted something more vibrant to match the beauty of the flowers and after some thought decided to go with orange as a spice to the look.

So I chose a skin that gave me makeup with orange eye shadows and an orange tone in the lips, but because of the orange in the face, I refrained from using too much colour for jewelry. Because the face makeup is strong, jewelry should be simple, delicate and non-intrusive while adding that final touch to the wide opened shoulders.

Shoes is an item that is always difficult to find the exact colour I have in mind but these pair I wore from Haysuriza were the exact reddish orange that I was looking for. These Sayuri pumps from this brand has an amazing colour variation of 30 colours which you can buy individually or in 3 sets of 10 colours each as fat packs. With the release of Sayuri, Haysuriza became one of the shoe stores that I will go look for specific colours along with enkythings. Usually if I visit these two stores, I can find more of less the exact colour that I am looking for. I just hope that the designer and creator for Haysuriza, Hays Uriza, will come up with the same colour variation for sandals soon.

I should also mention that Sayuri can change the heels and also part of the ribbon to gold or silver for all of its 30 colours and you can also opt to hide the ribbon if you prefer simple pumps, simply by clicking both shoes. Here I changed the heels to gold.

After I shot all the pictures I needed for this blog post, I realized that the dress might also look nice with a hat. So I tried on my fav brand of couture hats, Couture Chapeau which I introduced in the July 20th program of "Fabulous Fashion" with Angie Mornington on SLCN TV as a guest stylist. The hat added fun and elegance to the entire look and I was very happy with the result.

Outfit: a la folie, Ballerine
Necklace and Earrings: The Golden Flower, Elegance
Shoes: Haysuriza, Pumps Sayuri (red)
Nails: J's, Nail Vivid Pack (orange)
Hair: Little Heaven, Hair 53 Ingrid00 (marron)
Skin: Exodi, Genesis Candace Apple BOLLYWOOD Makeup Line "Kalpona-Kari"

Written and modeled by Kay Fairey, CEO & Top Model for Evane Model Agency, Modavia Super Model, Top Model of Boulevard Agency, Team edo Director and writer for the Best of SL Magazine.


A New Release From Sascha's Design

Sascha's Designs' new release, "Cafe Latte" was a chic cocktail dress with a delicate shawl that covers the shoulders and a delicate skirt. The colour is one I like very much. A soft brown that is both elegant and chic. But what really set this dress apart and made it very stylish was the sunglasses that was included in the set.

Sascha's Designs - Cafe Latte

I used to work for a French boss who was a fashion guru and a celebrity figure in my country. She used to work for Dior and never betrayed our expectation to see the latest fashion on her. I used to look forward to seeing what she would come wearing every morning and see how she styled even a simple dress most exquisitely. I feel I learned so much about styling just watching her every day.

The reason why I brought her up was because these sunglasses reminded me of her. She always wore these very dark sunglasses and the moment I wore the one in this "Cafe Latte" set, the vision of her came to my mind in a flash.

So I set off to style myself to resemble her and even found hair that was exactly like the hair she used to have in real life.

She always had the most fashionable shoes and bags that were never used two days in a row. She changed her bag, jewelry, everything everyday to match her outfit that were chosen with the utmost care. She would match the most amazing colours together and achieve a fabulous look. So I thought what she would match with this delicate brown. I knew she wouldn't match usual colours such as gold or any tone of brown or yellow. She would match colours that surprised people and yet impressed them with her choice.

So I chose a purple that was more like a plum colour for my shoes and bag. Not bad. Not bad at all. :-) But I still wonder what she would have chosen if this was her.

Outfit: Sascha's Designs, Cafe Latte
Necklace & Earrings: Alienbear, Pearl Teardrop Pearl Set (White)
Clutch Bag: Baiastice, Diamond Magenta Small
Shoes: Baiastice, Querelle (dark red on purple)
Nails: Persona, Polished Nails (plum)
Hair: Glitter Hair, Ponty (black)
Skin: Exodi, Genesis Candace Apple, Bare

Written and modeled by Kay Fairey, CEO & Top Model for Evane Model Agency, Modavia Super Model, Top Model of Boulevard Agency, Team edo Director and writer for the Best of SL Magazine.

A Mix n Match Casual Style

There was a casting audition recently in one of the agencies that I am with and I started thinking about styling for it. However, unfortunately, my schedule did not allow me to go at the designated time but I decided to style it anyway as it sounded like a really fun styling requirement. And now that I am finished, I'm loving this look so I decided to blog about it and also wear it for my casual looks.

It is basically a mix n match with several brands and my target was to achieve a casual look but with style and and something that actually looked better than a casual look that I might wear at home. So I decided to use my favorite colour mix. Black, white and red.

I think the hat and the patterned tights I wore makes this entire look really cute.

T-shirt: Fab Pony, I Love Me Tee (Black)
Jeans Mini Skirt: Myth, Mini Skirts Doodle Light
Tights: Fab Pony, Chevron Hose (B&W)
Belt: Myth, Croc Belt - Red
Bangles: Irelyn**, Red Bangles**
Hat: Couture Chapeau, La Loren Napoli Chapeau - Red Straw
Shoes: Stiletto Moody, Pinup Spike (Red Tartan - Black)

**This store was no longer there at the landmark I had and I just could not search it. I tracked the creator and sent a notecard asking her where the store had gone but I have not heard back since. If any of you reading this, know the where abouts of this store now, I would be very grateful if you can let me know. Thank you!

Written and modeled by Kay Fairey, CEO & Top Model for Evane Model Agency, Modavia Super Model, Top Model of Boulevard Agency, Team edo Director and writer for the Best of SL Magazine.


Styles of edo Fashion Village "Narkissos" Show

Styles of edo Presents
Narkissos Show

Narkissos is a Fashion Village that edo Tone of Styles of edo had hand picked brands to create a most fabulous mix of quality fashion brands for all the fashionistas in Second Life. This is a show that showcases all the brands that await you at "Narkissos".

Brands you can't miss!
60 outfits in one show!
18 models!

We hope to see you there!!

Click here for a limo

Click here to go to Narkissos Fashion Village

"a la folie" by pixivor Allen
"Angel Dessou" by Gina Beaumont & Nando Korobase
"azul" by Mami Jewell
"Bliss Couture" by Amutey DeCuir
"DANA" (dana Vanmoer)
"Kungle" (AvaGardner Kungler)
"Miamai" (monica Outlander)
"Morea Style Design" (morea Decosta)
"Nardcotix" (Nardya Rousselot)
"Phoenix Rising" (Ashoka Eales)
"Pig Shop" (Apatia Hammerer)
"Prism Haute Couture & Clothing" (Journey McLaglen)
"Sweetaholic" (Asalt Eames)
"Sonatta Morales Weird Couture & Curio" (Sonatta Morales)
"VoguE" (Zalyn Bailey)
"Tukinowaguma Hair" (KateForster Akina)
"Virtual Impressions Jewelry" (Chrissy Ambrose)

Afanaisa Eames
Celeszta Szondi
CheerCoach4EJS Gymnast
Donald Feld (Team edo model)
Kandi Lauria
Katina Magic
Rod Insippo (Team edo model)
Sequoia Nightfire
Sharron Schuman
SweetVicky Voom
Sharna Beaumont
Sheyla Mills
Shantal Laval
Talia Lefavre
Toapz Saunders
Veronica Krasner

PRODUCER: edo Tone (Styles of edo)
DIRECTOR: Kay Fairey (Team edo, Director)


Lovely Dresses From A New Japanese Designer

A relatively new Japanese designer, Sayuri Cremorne, comes up with lovely and sweet dresses for almost any avatar to enjoy. Her outfits are usually very feminine and has a twist one way or another and should be attractive to many who enjoy SL fashion. And needless to say, as with many Japanese designers, her creations are very reasonable to buy.

Today I have two of her outfits to show.

The first one is called "Gold Fish Dress" which is a name so befitting with the bright hue of orange looking exactly like a gold fish tail. Gold fish has been an important part of Japanese culture just like koi fish which I see so often even in SL. It brings a feeling of peace, nostalgia, home, and most Japanese will have many sweet memories attached to kingyo, or gold fish.

So here is the "Gold Fish Dress" which is so unique that I just love it so much. The colours and patterns used on the top has a faint Japanese look while the bright orange (or maybe I should call this the kingyo orange) give it a stunning impact that makes almost anybody stop.

The necklace I used here is the same Grape Necklace from PISA that I showed in my previous post, but in a different colour that oddly matched the kingyo orange. It added fun to the look. And here again, I am using flat shoes to complete the look.

Sugarcube - Gold Fish Dress (orange)

Outfit: Sugarcube, Gold Fish Dress (orange)
Necklace: PISA, Grape Necklace by Bi-color Tourmaline (gold version)
Nails: J's, Nail Vivid Pack (orange)
Hair: Cake, Berlin (black)
Shoes: Gbberish, Princess Pumps (rose garden)
Skin: Lion Skins, Cana Fair #3

The second one is HASU which means "lotus flower" in Japanese. It is a silky mini dress that comes in white and pale pink with the entire dress looking like petals of a lotus flower. I wore this with flat shoes and with this necklace and earring set that is one of my favorites. It is a set made with pale pink sakura (cherry blossom flowers) made by sinamon Loon of si*na museum which I have worn before in my blog. But since I have never seen anything like this I think I will continue to wear and show this here. :-)

Sugarcube - HASU

Outfit: Sugarcube, HASU (pink)
Necklace & Earrings: si*na museum, Sakura Set
Nails: Love Soul, Nail Silver Gradation (pink)
Shoes: Phoenix Rising, Summer Flats (pink)
Skin: Lion Skins, Cana Fair #7

Written and modeled by Kay Fairey, CEO & Top Model for Evane Model Agency, Modavia Super Model and Top Model of Boulevard Agency and writer for the Best of SL Magazine.


A New Casual From Kunglers

One of the recent releases from Kunglers caught my eye. "Lucylle" which came in three colour variations but I got the one that was labelled "blue." It was a casual style that was hmmmm....how shall I put it...."a controlled explosion of colours." Some days I want to dress chic and elegant, but there are days when I want fun in my styling and it was one of those days when I came across "Lucylle" and I couldn't leave without getting it.

I must say, I had a blast styling this. The colours that are in the skirt are so varied and so interesting that depending on what colour you add to the look, the whole image changes like a chameleon. And it was fun mixing and matching various items that might look nice with this outfit. The bright colours used do pose some difficulty in SL where it's not always easy to get the exact colour you want but I guess that is the same in RL. But with so many colour options you have that you can pick from the skirt, it’s a fun process to see what I can match.

Whenever I want bright colours, the first place I turn to is ALB Dream Fashion that always never fails me with items that come in lovely bright colours. The colours that designer AnaLee Balut uses are very complicated colours and not just plain bright pink or orange, for example, just like the pair of shoes I am wearing in these pics. She has a distinctive style with her colours which I love so much. And sure enough, she had the exact shoes I was looking for. Stylish pumps in a blend of pink/orange. :D

Then I added a brand new release from PISA where Japanese creator Emi Woller offers some very detailed formal jewelry that are usually based on classic Italian designs. This newly released necklace, however, was a fun item designed around grapes. She made a necklace with a grape pattern but also came up with colours inspired by the various grape species you can get. Like this one I wore was inspired by muscat grapes with a refreshing green colour that was then translated as peridot gem.

Then for hair, I chose Eran 2 from Mirone which is a hair shop by another Japanese creator, Miu Edman. It's a fun casual hair with colour changing hair band that will be a nice hair to have in the coming summer months as it should look really nice with swimming wear. In fact, there is a Mirone store right next to PISA's main store. So you might want to check out both.

So thanks to AvaGardner Kungler and her wonderful creation, I ended up having a great time styling and so much fun!

Outfit: Kunglers, Lucylle (blue)
Shoes: ALB Dream Fashion, SUSA Heels shoes
Necklace: PISA, Grape Necklace By Peridot (gold version)
Nails: These nails were part of the "Lucylle" set
Hair: Mirone, Eran 2 (ebony)
Skin: Exodi, Genesis Candace Apple "Black Rose"

Written and modeled by Kay Fairey, CEO & Top Model for Evane Model Agency, Modavia Super Model and Top Model of Boulevard Agency and writer for the Best of SL Magazine.