Our beautiful new Bax Coen Suede Ankle Boots.....

Some may say that Stiletto Moody are the sexiest shoes in SL..... in fact i've been quoted as saying they are sex on legs..... however they have very strong competition from Bax Coen.   And her ankle boots, in my opinion are the sexiest boots in the whole of SL.... FACT.

So imagine my excitement when i got the chance to model the new Brown Suede versions in the ad!  i was sooooo excited that i literally left the house in my underwear, just grabbing my Black Mac on the way out and arrived at the Timeless Studio for the shoot in a rather kinky get up!

Timeless Agency were of course putting the ad together, the brilliant Leah McCullough on camera duties, along with SerinaJane Loon (your Timeless CEO) - both of them thinking up the creative side.... Bax Coen herself, and then me!

We all got our boots and stockings on - all stockings from No.9 Nylons, and very little else actually and went out in the rain to create the steamy pics you'll see in the ad.  Many a passer by stopping and staring at 4 beautiful but slightly crazy ladies all standing incredibly close to each other in pretty much just stockings and boots...... lots of giggling going on thats for sure!

But all in the name of art.  yes we got wet, but boy did we feel good in these boots...... and so will anyone that wears them.... guaranteed.

these are available now from Bax Coen's store..... go get them now.....
stockings available from No. 9 Nylons

from left to right:  Leah McCullough, Bax Coen, Clarabelle Cazalet, SerinaJane Loon

post by Clarabelle Cazalet.  photo by Leah McCullough

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