A Japanese Designer Show for All Japan Fashion Lovers!!

Boulevard Agency presents
The New Faces of Japan Show I

February 27 (Sat), 5pm SLT
at the Boulevard Agency Runway

Boulevard Agency is proud to present the "New Faces of Japan Show" Part 1.

Japanese designers are hard to find.....this is what is often heard. So we will be showcasing some new Japanese designers in this show which will definitely continue as Part 2 next month.

This month we have.....
- keito Lane of "Kokihi", who creates a fusion of traditional Japanese kimonos and dresses that can be worn with regular hair and walks.

- Lika Ruby of "Lika Ruby", who creates an array of gorgeous China dresses as well as casual wear.

- Kisskiss Zemlja of "KIKI No.18", who creates complete avatars that are inspired by anime characters.

- CelestialRay Serpente of "Rose Princess" who designs dainty outfits for fairies and mermaids.

Click here to come to watch the spectular show by the Japanese designers!


edo's Fashion Village Show is coming!

edo Tone of Styles of edo presents
~*::*~ "Narkissos II" ~*::*~

Save the date! February 27 (Sat), 2pm SLT

Narkissos is a Fashion Village that edo Tone of Styles of edo had hand picked brands to create a most fabulous mix of quality fashion brands for all the fashionistas in Second Life. This time we have focused on brands that are generally known to be non-formal. But guess what? Some of these brands are now making fantastic formals too!! So come check it out and be the first to wear the new casuals as well as the new brands of formal wear!

Brands in this show you can't miss!
Angel Dessous (Nando Korobase, Gina Beaumont)
Crie Style (Grazioso Alekseev & Bridge Aya)
Garcon Tokyo (Analog Jun)
grasp (Asalt Eames)
KIM (Kimberly Flagon)
Kunglers (AvaGardner Kungler & Barbra Kungler)
Prism (Journey McLaglen)
VoguE (Zalyn Bailey)

And more from...
Tsukinowaguma (hari)
Virtual Impressions (jewelry)

We hope to see you there!!

Click here for edo's Fashion Village


Do You Like Japanese Brands?

Then here is another one. Demise by Nagaru Kawashima. Nagaru used to make a lot of tattoos and when I met him, he had a much smaller store. On February 13, he just opened his new main store which is now much bigger!

Demise - Belial

When you enter his store, you will see vendor posters of male models so you might think it's a store for men's fashion. Demise, however, has vendors where you can buy the outfits for men and also for women and most of his designs are unisex. So it's a great store for women who love to dress up in cool outfits or for couples who want to dress in the same outfits.

Also, like his new release, Belial, Nagaru arranges his vendors so you can buy the jacket alone or in a set where you get EVERYTHING! And I mean EVERYTHING. This Belial set, for example, gives you everything from undershirt layer tattoos to two different shirt colours, jacket, jacket bottom (which makes it look like a long coat which I didn't wear in the pictures here), a tie (which I am not wearing here either).....all sorts and you can mix and match them the way you like. Here are some samples of how you can style with this set.

For those that prefer something more simple, you can just buy the jacket and a pair of jeans and a shirt.

The designs from Demise also go very well with jewelry from Rozoregalia which I posted previously. Here, I am using a Vinca necklace from Rozoregalia but an Archelon necklace and earrings go well with this too.

Rozoregalia - Archelon Set
Outfit: Demise, Belial
Necklace: Rozoregalia, Vinca Necklace
Earrings (pierce): Rozoragalia, Vinca Pierce
Hair: Sadistic Hacker, Tamaki 2 (black)
Nails: Body Politik, Midnight Manicure
Boots: Redgrave, Girl's Biker Reloaded (black/silver)

Posted by Kay Fairey, Agency Director and Top model for Boulevard Agency, Miss Virtual World Modeling Academy CEO, Team edo Director and writer for the Best of SL Magazine.

New Releases Again From Violater

Following the Garden of the Courtisane which I posted about on February 7, soraya Vaher, designer for Violator, has two more new releases which I had the honour of modeling for. They are both VERY pretty while they still have that mysterious air about them.

One is called Die Nacht der Leidenschaft and the second one is called Flammende Leidenchaft, both of which have roses, roses and roses! The Die Nacht der Leidenschaft is slightly less revealing with roses covering the entire front side of the left leg and has tentacles that has become a trademark of this brand, while Flammende Leidenchaft covers only the top with feathers insptead of tentacles. So the Flammende Leidenchaft has a slightly more feminine outfit.

Violator - Dei Nacht der Leidenschaft

Violator - Flammende Leidenchaft

Click here for the Violator Main Store

Posted by Kay Fairey, Agency Director and Top model for Boulevard Agency, Miss Virtual World Modeling Academy CEO, Team edo Director and writer for the Best of SL Magazine.


Last Minute Valentine Gift Ideas

You're still looking for that Valentine's Day gift? And you still can't think of a good one?

Well I have some ideas.....I'm not going to say they are the best in SL because I can't possible go to all the stores in SL to rank them. But I am pretty sure, they are nice gifts you might want to consider.

The first one is a pair ring from ROZOREGALIA. One for yourself and the other for your partner, girl friend or boy friend. It comes with ring boxes for both rings and are all transferable (no copy). ROZOREGALIA is one of my favorite stores that has really high quality jewelry with amazing texture and exquisite production quality as you can see from the vendor poster below.

ROZOREGALIA - Carpe diem No.1 (Platinum/Diamond)

I also made some more suggestions in the February 8th show of Fabulous Fashion TV (my accessories part starts from 24:35 in the video.

Run, run! Valentine's Day is this coming Sunday!!

Posted by Kay Fairey, Agency Director and Top model for Boulevard Agency, Miss Virtual World Modeling Academy CEO, Team edo Director and writer for the Best of SL Magazine.


Do You Like Dreamy Dresses?

If you do, pixivor Allen of a la folie has recently released a beautiful dress called "Precieuse." pixivor usually designs very feminine and dainty outfits, a lot using flowers and also with solid colours. From that perspective, this outfit is a rare release by pixivor that is not a solid colour outfit.

a la folie - Precieuse

However, the gold lace that covers the entire outfit is gorgeous and luxurious and the delicate green used for the dress reminds me of a flower theme.

The outfit comes with a short skirt and a long skirt and can be worn in three different styles depending on which skirt you use as shown in the pictures. It also comes with all the jewelry worn here as well as the shoes I am wearing. The shoes that is part of this set is a blessing since it's not always easy to find matching shoes with delicate colours like the one used with this outfit.

If you want to feel like a princess in a fairytale, this could be your answer!

Outfit: a la folie, Precieuse (all jewelry and shoes included)
Hair (worn with the short dress): 69, Myumy Hair Selection (black)
Hair (worn with the long gown): Labieja, Paulette (noir)
*Labieja hair is sold inside the Modern Gypsy store as well as inside Chantkare.
Nails: Flirts, Metal Girl Collection

Posted by Kay Fairey, Agency Director and Top model for Boulevard Agency, Miss Virtual World Modeling Academy CEO, Team edo Director and writer for the Best of SL Magazine.


Violator New Release: The Garden Of The Courtisane

Violator with designer soraya Vaher has released a new outfit called "The Garden Of The Courtisane" which I had the honour of modeling for the vendor poster.

Violator has become a major brand in SL fashion with its distinctive, mysterious and creative designs and this new release is even more unique while being also romantic. The front of the stomach and back of the hip area is covered with sculpted roses while a side piece extends out to hold a red fabric that hangs down, adding movement and flow to the design. It comes with asymmetrical footwear where one side is thigh high while the other is ankle boots height with spikes adorning the entire boots on both sides.

The hair worn here is also part of this outfit. All items in the set merge together to form this unique style.

soraya, continues to amaze us with her spectacular outfits and original vision of outfit design.

Click here to the Violator main store.

Posted by Kay Fairey, Agency Director and Top model for Boulevard Agency, Miss Virtual World Modeling Academy CEO, Team edo Director and writer for the Best of SL Magazine.


A Gorgeous Mermaid Dress for Haiti

A store owned by Japanese designer, Likka Noel, called Likka House is participating in a charity supporting Haiti with a gorgeous gown. This gown is called "The Name Of The Rose" gown that comes in a whopping 10 colour variation. The beige gown is offered for L$50 with all sales going to the Haiti charity. All other colours are offered for L$300, which is still a big bargain price!

This is a beautiful and romantic gown with lots and lots of sculpt roses that are attached even to places like your hand. So by the time you wear all the roses, you look as if you are covered with rose flowers. What surprises me is that Likka manages to arrange all these roses in such a way that it never looks distasteful.

The gown is being sold in her main store in Sannomiya, Japan but also in her branch store in the ROMAN sim, which is a sim that reproduces Japan during the Taisho period which was a short era under the reigns of the Taisho Emperor dating from July 30, 1912 to December 25, 1926. This was a very short period considered as the time of the liberal movement known as the "Taisho Democracy" which is usually distinguished from the preceding chaotic "Meiji" period under Meiji Emperor and the militarism-driven first half of the "Showa" period of Showa Emperor. It was a very short period but had distinguished culture, fashion and style and many Japanese still look at that period as a very peaceful and romantic time in the history of Japan.

ROMAN sim is such a well made sim that not only Japanese SL residents but many non-Japanese residents become repeat visitors. So it might be worth paying a visit to Likka House in the ROMAN sim and enjoy the tour of the sim after you have finished with your shopping.

ROMAN sim seen from above

Click here to go to ROMAN sim.
Click here to go to Likka House in ROMAN sim.

Gown: Likka House, The Name of the Rose (beige)
Necklace: Styles of edo, Cream Akoya Pearl, Short Single Strand Pearl Necklace
Earrings: Styles of edo, Cream Akoya Pearl, Stud Earrings
Nails: The Body Politik, Deep Red Manicure
Hair: Lamb, Witch (ink)

Posted by Kay Fairey, Agency Director and Top model for Boulevard Agency, Miss Virtual World Modeling Academy CEO, Team edo Director and writer for the Best of SL Magazine.


DIRAM - Have I Been Blind???

All this came to me when Frolic Mills sent me an IM that started with the usual "KAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY" (note: In real, the Y part is much longer, often extending to several lines). I often wonder if the Y key on his keyboard is worn by now. This several lines of IM which really only consisted of the word "KAY" continued with another line that read "DIRAM wants to do a show with us in January."

OK. DIRAM......is that a new brand? I must confess, I almost call myself the walking LM dictionary of SL Fashion. It had always fascinated me to find new and undiscovered brands that have great potential to become big and to dig them out and place them under the spot light, so to speak. So I knew most of the brands.....well, MOST, that is. And this was one that had not yet come across my radar.

Feeling a bit hurt and ashamed, I immediately decided to find the store and teleport. I landed right outside of a store that had lots of fun and colourful outfits as well as some accessory items which included shoes and some separately sold clothing items. Designer, djod Karu had a fine selection of mostly casual and fun, sexy clothes. Yes, they were nice but not something that blew me away. Lots of mini and micro skirts, belly-exposing outfits, stockings with garters.......the types of clothes I see quite often in SL.

OK, so casual and sexy.

That was my conclusion and I left it until it was time to start preparing for this show. This whole expectation was literally blown away when djod sent me some sneak preview pics of her new collection, which she named, SCANDALOUS.

I must say, she totally threw me off in a way I had never experienced in my whole SL life. All I could say was "omg omg omg omg omg" as I tried to stop drooling over the pics that she sent me. This was back in December and it was LONG and patient wait till I was allowed to show or talk about this collection.

DIRAM - Lady Gaga Dirty Rich Red

Now djod has finished her launch show with Boulevard Agency, has done a new collection launch party with Avenue when the new collection were finally released on January 30, and now she has more shows scheduled with Evane and then with BeStyle Model Agencies. So it's about time I talk about it.

This whole collection was inspired by Lady Gaga and Britney Spears and what they actually wore in real life. The collection can be best described as being fun, provocative, sexy, casual but also achieves all this at a very high level of fashion and quality. I cannot think of any brand that even resembles the SCANDALOUS collection. It is unique both in style as well as quality of the outfits. All of the items are also outfits that will become a great source for mixing and matching or matching with other fun items that you can find on the grid which allows you to create your own fun style.

I admit. I am now totally hooked! I have so many of her new designs in my inventory now that it took a while to decide which one I wanted to show but I decided to go with the Lady Gaga Dirty Rich Red, which is apparently djod's favorite piece too. It also represents her vision of quality and high fashion while also being fun, sexy and provocative.

I matched this up with a Lady Gaga style sunglasses that I had found some time ago and also this really fun pair of tights I had in my inventory from FAB PONY. I also tried on various pairs of boots and pumps but settled for this thigh high boots, also from DIRAM as it matched in not only in its style but also in the exact shade of red that I wanted. Aah and one more note about the sunglasses which I found at Vintage Wear Outlet. There were many colour variations of gems used either on white base, as seen here, or black base. To copy Lady Gaga, it might be more appropriate to use the black base type but since I use black hair, I thought this might blend in with my hair. So for my own styling purposes, I chose to buy the white based ones.

If you decide to go take a peep in the store, note that her SCANDALOUS collection will be found in a separate building right across from her regular main store. So don't fret if you cannot find it in her regular store. Just step out and go across to the other building where you will most likely experience the same kind of excitement I experienced when I first saw the pictures back in December.


Outfit: DIRAM, Lady Gaga Dirty Rich Red
(gloves included)
Tights: FAB PONY, Chevron Hose (B&W)
Sunglasses: Vintage Wear Outlet, Fame Shades (Onyx on Zircon)
Necklace & Earrings: Gems & Kisses, Exteme Nobility, Gold Miniset
(necklace was re-attached to spine in this look)
Boots: DIRAM, Toxic Bottes Deluxe Edition (red)
Hair: Kin hair, Mira (black)

Posted by Kay Fairey, Agency Director and Top model for Boulevard Agency, Miss Virtual World Modeling Academy CEO, Team edo Director and writer for the Best of SL Magazine.


New Skin Launch - Fairey Skins

OMG I meant to report about this about a week ago!! I had all pics taken and ready to go when.......I got tied up with a LOT of things I had to do or follow up.

So here is the report a week later. :S

Aradhana Voight of Mashooka Designs has launched her first skins!! She has two skin lines in store now and one of them is called "Fairey Skin." Yup....Fairey from my name, Kay Fairey. :D This is the first skin I had in my name and I feel so honoured that she named it after me.

Without any positive bias coming from the name, I really liked this skin! I had been looking for skins that don't have the thick Audrey Hepburn type eye brows. Maybe it's just me but I've been noticing a lot of skins with this type of eye brows and being an SL model, I try to stay away from the "majority" look. So finding the right eye brow was important for me. This skin had just that. It comes with brow shapes you can wear to change the height of the brows.

It also has a very natural complexion that doesn't make you look like a over-photo shopped picture where the skin is unnaturally smooth. I had already used this skin in my previous post about "A Versatile Casual And Party Dress" so you can see what it looks like actually used.

There has been a rush of new skin launches lately but this one is certainly worth checking out!

Mashooka Designs - Fairey Skin Ivory
(Here I am using Fairey Skin - Ivory tone, makeup 3)

Fairey Skin Ivory - Base (natural skin)

Fairey Skin Ivory - makeup 1

Fairey Skin Ivory - makeup 2

Fairey Skin Ivory - makeup 3

Fairey Skin Ivory - makeup 4

Fairey Skin Ivory - makeup 5

Fairey Skin Ivory - makeup 6

Fairey Skin Ivory - makeup 7

All Skins: Mashooka Designs

Posted by Kay Fairey, Agency Director and Top model for Boulevard Agency, Miss Virtual World Modeling Academy CEO, Team edo Director and writer for the Best of SL Magazine.