Giusia Creations: Lili in Black

As anybody has noticed, there are many outfits that have short prim mini skirts. I tend to avoid these designs as, in general, they all look too similar. But this Lili outfit by Giusia Creations had a different overall image in spite of having a short prim skirt. It must be the tweek in design around the neck area and also the texture/design of the prim skirt, but whole outfit looks a lot more stylish.

But even so, I thought wearing it with no stockings or with boots will make it look too boring, so I matched it up with a pair of above knee socks from Shop Seu, as well as a big shoulder bag that came in Baiastice's "Maimi" swimming suit set and centered it around a black & white colour theme.

And this is what I got.

Outfit: Giusia Creations, Lili (Black)
Socks: Shop Seu, Kushukushu Kutsushita
Bag: Baiastice, Miami (used bag only from a swimming suit, bag & hat set)
Sunglass: ottico, numero59 bianco
Shoes: Maitreya & M*A*ii*K*I, Slinky Stiletto (white)
Hair: Miss B, Pamela Hair (black)

Written, modeled and photographed by Kay Fairey, Premiere Modeling Management and Second Look Studio


Milonga, A Sexy Dress To Dance a Tango

Mami Jewell, designer for "Styles of edo" who creates all female outfits have introduced a very sexy dress called Milonga.

The dress reveals the left let all the way from the top! This would be a dress which will require quite a bit of courage to wear in RL but hey, why not in SL? I haven't been able to yet, but I would love to go dancing in this. When I looked up the meaning of Milonga (hmmm I have to admit, I didn't know this word), it said an Argentine Tango. No wonder!

And as all of Mami's outfits, the dress has a great texture which I had to show in the last pic attached.

Outfit: Styles of edo, Milonga, Tanzanite
Shoes: Stiletto Moody, Pinup (Midnight)
Hair: Cake, Faith (black)
Skin: Redgrave, Scarlett Pale Skin、smoky 4
Nail: bijou, Deep Dream Collection (Rouge)

Written and photographed by Kay Fairey, Premiere Modeling Management and Second Look Studio


Perfectly Matched New Releases

My best SL friend makes jewelries. No....that's wrong. She makes a LOT of things and jewelries is only one of such creations compared to me who never seem to learn anything about building aside from fiddling around with some basic shapes.

Anyway, she has a jewelry store called "Golden Flower" and she just came up with a new release called "Catherine Set", a very bold and modern set of a necklace, bracelet and earrings that would look fab if matched with outfits that had a wide neck/shoulder opening. I had been looking for something like this (alas, I can't build one myself) and the moment I saw the set, another new release immediately came to my mind.

The "Mosaic" outfit by Mami Jewell of the Styles of edo! (I am sure you could see a light bulb appear above my head at this moment. DING!)

So I immediately dug into my inventory and pull my "Mosaic" out and tried it on with this "Catherine Set". It's a bit hard to see in the pics but this "Catherine Set" is a collection of diamond shapes that has an almost metallic shine to it and "Mosaic" uses a unique texture that gives the whole outfit a very metallic look also.

Aha! Perfect!!

"Mosaic" has a delcate scarf that goes around your neck with two strips of the material fall at the back but I was feeling like I wanted something with a little more impact. This llok was exactly what I wanted. Nice!

At this point my friend, Dementia Wylie, says "oh those are colour change btw. So have fun matching them."

Oooooooooooh. How nice! I sure will have fun!

Outfit: Styles of edo, Mosaic
Jewelry Set: Golden Flower, Catherine Set (necklace, bracelet & earrings)
Hair: Exxess Designs, Nerd (black)

Written, modeled and photographed by Kay Fairey, Premiere Modeling Management and Second Look Studio


New Releases From Kouse's Sanctrum

Aside from modeling and blogging, another aspect of Second Life that I enjoy immensely is the free time I spend in a medieval fantasy RP sims of Avilion. So naturally I need gowns that I can wear here but they need to be gowns that are not so modern looking. Kouse's Sanctum is a store that specializes in gowns that can be worn in Avilion, but that means that they are also gorgeous gowns you can wear anywhere as a formal outfit. If you visit her store, I am sure anybody will be overwelmed by the variety of gowns and colour variations that are available!!

For this new release, Kouse has come up with 10 stunning colours in a gown called Briar Rose. Each of the gowns have a solid coloured underskirt overlaid with a sheer textured skirt in the same colour, giving the gown a romantic image which, together with the ruffle on the sleeves, gives the gowns a very charming and sweet look. The prim skirt attaches slightly low on the waist, showing the feminine curves which was a design feature that I loved so much about this dress.

I must add that each gown has a circlet included in the set as shown in the picture below. This circlet is colour changing by clicking on the circlet which allows you to match the jewelry with your choice of gown colour or even wear it with any other outfit you like!

Just look at the array of colours available. It will be very hard to decide on just one colour but with all the 10 that are available, I am sure almost anybody will be able to find one that will fit her taste.

Briar Rose - Azure

Briar Rose - Blood

Briar Rose - Cotton Candy

Briar Rose - Emerald

Briar Rose - Grape

Briar Rose - Lavender

Briar Rose - Midnight

Briar Rose - Moonbeam

Briar Rose - Ocean

Briar Rose - Sky Blue

Gowns: Kouse's Sanctum (includes colour changing circlet)
Hair: Laqroki, Champagne

Written, modeled and photographed by Kay Fairey, Premiere Model Management and Second Look Studio


the new KA Skins!

On Sunday KA Designs (Kira Ahn) launched her beautiful new range of skins, and boy are they gorgeous.  I'm a Blowpop fan usually for skins, but these are really stunning.  some beautiful make ups.  So rather than talk any further about them here they are......

written, modeled and photographed by Clarabelle Cazalet (Premiere Modeling Management and Second Look Studio)


A Cool Casual Look

Today's look is a casual look that is cool and stylish. It all started when I found these cool boots. A high heeled boots version of Converse sneakers! A great footwear when you want to stay casual and yet want to wear super high heels. So I started to create a look in which I could keep that "cool" and yet make it look fun.

Outfits from Emery was exactly I was looking for. Casual and yet very fashionable. The store is full of fun items which you can have matching with it's extensive colours and styles. This outfit was one of the newly released item. A "cool" item for a still hot summer!

Outfit: Emery, Outfit Sweet Sixteen
Boots: Fussy, Converse Stilettos
Sunglasses: ottico, numero 59 bianco
Pendant: plus, Disk Pendant in Gold
Bangles: plus, Disk Bracelet in Gold
Hair: Damselfly, Chelsea black
Skin: Minnu, MMSFair, Cool
Nails: Armidi - (True Enhance) Painted Nails - Lavender III

Styled, modeled and photographed by Kay Fairey, Premiere Modeling Management & Second Look Studio


Boyish Sexy From Giusia Creations

Today I wore a boyish lizzard skin outfit from Giusia Creations. It's so simple and yet the texture of the outfit is stunningly detailed as you can see from the pics I have posted.

Not only that, Giusia Ethaniel, designer and owner of Giusia Creations has given us all layers that can be imagined with and without the necklace you see here. That means you can wear it without the vest (called gilet in the set), without the necklace, vest only or in full like I did today. She even provides a jacket layer that has "everything" on it for all those changing in a hurry or those that want to be lazy without having to give it much thought.

The shirt even separates the waist up part and the lower part that comes out of the pants so you can wear the shirt tucked in if you wish.

So much freedom and so rich in texture!

I wore a skin with very light makeup, going along with the boyish theme. This skin is also her creation and gives me a cool look overall. And for shoes, I wore only the lower parts of a short ankle boots so it won't interfere with the prim pants parts at the bottom.

Outfit: Giusia Creations, ALESSIA
Boots: Fussy, Sculptie Warmies & Heels (wore only the lower parts)
Skin: Giusia Creations, Light tone #06
Hair: Bishwear, Bobby (black)
Nails: Armidi, (True Enhance) Painted Nails - Cherry III

Written, modeled and photographed by Kay Fairey, Premiere Modeling Management & Second Look Studio


Sex on Legs....Stiletto Moody's new Generation 2

mmmmmmmm.  well i think everyone and their dog are blogging the Stiletto Moody 'Generation 2' releases, so i'll keep it short.  And please excuse my nakedness, but these shoes are so beautiful and sexy that i really didnt want to detract from them by wearing anything else.  That and the fact that they made me feel so hot!.....

Stiletto Moody - Black Patent Croc Tall Boots
and Red Pin Up Shoes

for more pictures on this set see Flickr

modeled, photographed and blogged by Clarabelle Cazalet, Premiere Modeling Management and Second Look Studio

Baiastice's New Release

I went to see a fashion show yesterday where I saw many of the new releases from Baiastice that we could look forward to as we approach the fall season. And I have to say, there were so many that I wanted!

Right now, there are two, out of all the new designs, that can be purchased in Sissy's store and this is one of them. It's called "Tea at 5 O'Clock". What a sweet name!

It comes with a long (below knee length) skirt and a short skirt, as well as two different hats. There are also two types of prim collars which you will have to switch as one of them is a double collar and will interfere with the broad brimmed hat.

The outfit has so much details in the texture. It's white decorated with tiny pink flowers. Perfect for a gorgeous picnic on a sweet and sunny afternoon or a high tea party complete with cucumber sandwiches, scones with strawberry jam and devonshire cream.

The sweet basket I have in the pictures is also a part of the set, adding so much charm.

The harpsicords in the background are all antique French style harpsicords, made with such exquisite details. You can play them yourself or have them auto-play a total of 6 tunes for you from different composers. I heard that all tunes were recorded from real antique harpsicords for these SL versions so what more can you ask! I must say, I am so in love with them!

And these are the two hats that you get with the set.

Outfit and hats: Baiastice, Tea at 5 O'Clock
Shoes: Nonna Hedges, 18th century brocade diamonte
Hair: Truth, Chelsea (black)
Skin: QS ( Quelita Soon) Skin, Milk, Light 002
Nails: Armidi, (True Enhance) Painted Nails - Raspberry I

Harpsicords: Musica Antiqua Shonan
Black harpsicord - French style, columned version
Pale blue harpsicord - French style, Louis XV version
Green harpsicord - French style, Louis XVI version

Written, modeled and photographed by Kay Fairey, Premiere Modeling Management