Well its been a little while since i last blogged, been having too much fun lately!  But i just had to come back and blog the new Blowpop skins, not only because i am a massive fan of Annyka's beautiful skins, but also because she has amazingly named a skin after me!!!

I was so shocked and thrilled when i found out, as i'm sure you can imagine!  And its beautiful!  Its part of the new Vivid range of make-ups for the Tuesday set and its just about to launch.

this first one is called Clara..... i'm wearing the Caramel skin tone.....

this next one is called Amyla.....

and this one is called Ice Bleue....

there are plenty more sets to get in the Vivid range so be sure to go and check them all out.
this one here is a gift being sent to the members of the Blowpop Army update group.  yippee!!!

i'm still so excited about this.  as everyone knows, i love love love love love Blowpop!!!!

here's the store BLOWPOP hurry and go check it out!!

modelled and photographed by Clarabelle Cazalet (Premiere Modeling Management and Second Look Studios)

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