having fun in Freda!

Kay and I were hanging out one evening and discovered that we had the same outfits from Freda's Fine Fashions but in different colours.  So naturally we decided to put these together to show how two different people can interpret one outfit.  

I chose to wear mine with some cute little leggings that came as part of a Cubic Effect outfit, and Kay chose to wear some long socks with hers.  we both went for up do's but i chose the Ribbon hair from Minnu.  Then we thought we'd try out some of my Snooky's poses that i'd bought.  These are great fun poses so we hot footed over to AM Radio's sim The Refuge and The Expansion to get some poses.  How much fun did we have?!!  check these!

location:  The Refuge and Expansion

Freda has just released her new autumn collection yesterday - head over to a new store here - Freda's Fine Fashions - and look out for some more blogs on that collection soon!

modeled and photographed by Clarabelle Cazalet and Kay Fairey (Premiere Modeling Management and Second Look Studio)

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