From summer to autumn in one hour at Kyoot Army!!

WOW!!  i havent got so excited about a shopping visit for oooooooooh erm ok about a day, but i came away from Kyoot Army a very excited girl........  i went from summer to autumn to rehab in a very short space of time.... here's how i did it!

i found this really cute little red and white striped bikini that also comes in loads of different colours and stripes.  then i saw a really cute thin duo coloured belt which i thought added a quirky little touch - just dont sunbathe with that on!  then i just had to add my new favourite item - the wide hat from cubic effect - i have one in black but i had to run to the shop (in my undies) to grab a red one just for this.  and then i added these really cute shoes from TOSL in red with white dots.  then i ran to chouchou to catch some rays and some solitude.

bikini and belt:  Kyoot Army
shoes:  TOSL
skin:  Blowpop
hair: Detour

then after getting a little chilly when the sun went down, and moving into Autumn (Fall) mode i came across this really cute jacket and skirt number....  the jacket has an amazing detail to the collar area, with KA's signature one sided shoulder piece.  this would work great with jeans, trousers and all manner of skirts.... i then teamed it with the new KA hair.....

and i cant resist showing it with this hair too from Bish....... not my usual style, but love the hat part... its fitting for my autumnal look...

jacket: Kyoot Army
skirt (just seen):  Kyoot Army
stockings:  Chambre du Chocolat
hair: (first pic) Kyoot Army, (second pic) Bish
skin: Blowpop

then for my next look, this is Clara being taken away to a padded cell and locked away for a few days to ease the pain of her credit card... rehab needed....

Kyoot Army call this 'Straight Jacket Surrealist'.  no other explanation need really for this one.  although a little tip - dont wear this to the supermarket!  again with the signature one-sided collar detail, this is a nod to the Wilted Wednesday outfit that Minnu Palen adopted for her Mourning Dress.  Looks great with the Dahlia skin from MiaSnow.

dress:  Kyoot Army
boots:  Stiletto Moody
hair: Maitreya
skin: MiaSnow
jewellery:  RYCA

Once released from rehab, i needed something to hide myself away a little, and this outfit does the trick perfectly!

a beautiful sheer top with attached hood, and attached hair!  very light and sexy, but hides a multitude of sins!  teamed with these georgous 'pantaloons' and my favourite Pornstar boots, sling on the shades and out i go....... of course the car screeching past me into a pile up didnt do much for the nerves, so had a little sit down,  a time to think ......

top, hood and hair:  Kyoot Army
pants:  Kyoot Army

it took me a while to get over this shopping trip which lead to rehab then witnessing a car accident.  so i took to hiding in hoodies for a while longer......

except this time, you'll be pleased to know, it didnt cost me anything.  yes this little gem can be picked up for free, yes thats a FREEBIE! from Bewitched Hair.  i love the way the hair pokes right out of the hood.

hood, hair and jumper:  Bewitched Hair
shades:  Armidi Gisaci 'Aviators'
skin:  Blowpop

to see more pictures from these sets please go to my FLICKR page

posted and modeled by Clarabelle Cazalet

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