Jems by Maeve

Just look at this beautiful jewellery designed by Maeve Kilara, a fellow model at Premiere....
Maeve Kilara has designed the most gorgeous art deco jewellery, perfect for a 20's style outfit, or just to add a bit of classic glamour to a modern outfit.  This one above is the Flapper Silver Set, featuring this lovely long beaded necklace, and stunning drop earrings.

This above is one of my favourites.  Just look at the stunning detail of the lace choker.  It is called the Art Deco Cascade Gold Set (also comes in silver).  Its such a beautiful choker with matching earrings.
if you cant find any of these on the sim - please IM her to buy direct

this one is called Moonstone Whimsy, so of course i had to take the picture against the night sky!  again there is such beautiful detail in the choker with matching earrings.

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