The Amazing Story of the last Fishook Dress

Wow! What a night. Sunday 13th July was the night that Eshi Otawara auctioned off her last ever Fishook Dress for the Relay For Life charity supporting Cancer.

Kay and I were at the auction both intent that either one of us were going to try to bid for the dress, not only because it is such an amazing dress, but also because it is a cause that is close to our hearts as there have been too many people close to us suffering from this horrible disease. Kay had already let me go for it, as she previously had a limited edition Chambre du Chocolat dress - Juliet.

The bidding was getting incredibly high – it was between myself and Zoeanastasia. I couldn’t go any further as budget would not allow so it was about to go to Zoe, then stealth like Kay stepped in and took the bidding way beyond anything we all had imagined. My respect goes well and truly over to Kay.

So Kay triumphed and got the dress, and gave an amazing donation to RFL through doing this. Eshi kindly gave this to her as transferable so that both she and I could wear it and blog it on our new blog “The Style File”. With the condition that we only send it to a third party if that third party is RFL to auction again in a few years. This making this dress even more special and unique.

Here we show the beauty of the dress (with thanks to Elysium Eilde for capturing this in her amazing way), and show how it can look on two different models with very different looks.

Clara wears it with:
Skin: Blowpop ‘Tuesday’ Honey (3a Aden in Black#1)blk (btw full love goes to Annyka as blowpop skins are the most amazing skins in SL!
Hair: MMSHair ‘Hera’ Natural Blonde – from the new range at Minnu
Shoes (not seen but still important!): Maitreya ‘Virtue’ patent black – limited editions from the Footwear Expo
Earrings: Diamonde Bead Earrings
Necklace: Muse ‘Chatelaine Collection Choker (silver)

The RFL charity events have been taking place in many forms and styles all across the SL sims and I have been participating in as many as my resource allows, meaning time and money. I just lost my mother quite recently from liver cancer which started from hepatitus almost 12 years ago. It was a long and sad process as we all watched our beloved mother weaken with no hope for a cure. What was even more sad was to see my father doing everything he could in his power to give maybe one extra day to my mother's life. And it was sad to see the two argue over whether they should continue with the fight. My mother was tired and she just wanted to drop everything and die in peace. My father didn't want her to go through the rough treatments she was under but at the same time did not want to loose her. The whole thing was just so sad, depressive and I have never felt so helpless in my life.

And after putting up a brave and hopeless battle against the malicious desease, my mother finally gave in....and my father was left alone after so many years of loving and caring for my mother. On the day of the funeral, I did my mother's make up. It was her last "show" so I wanted her to be as pretty as possible. When I was done, I called my father to come see her. The moment he saw her, he just stood there, speechless for a long time. When he finally spoke, he said "she is so beautiful. I will marry her again in heaven." She could have lived longer if there was a cure for cancer...if there were no cancer on this earth. I was just crushed with sadness not only from the loss of my mother, but also from thinking what my father was going through.

July 13 to 16 was OBON in Tokyo, Japan, where I am from (some regions designate August for OBON). It is traditionally believed that the souls of the deceased return to their families. That day, July 13th was the day of that auction.

So before I even entered the room, I was prepared to donate a fairly big (of course, I never imagined it would be THAT big) sum to RFL. How nice it would be if I can make a donation AND get a few nice dresses I can enjoy wearing in SL. I had two outfits I was going to try to bid for, maybe three depending on how much I had to pay for them.


OMG, Eshi's Fishhook dress got into a heated bidding and the price sky rocketed in no time. I knew how much Clarabelle also wanted the dress so I was going to step down and let Clarabelle go for it. I sat there in silence, not even uttering a word except for a short IM to Clarabelle telling her that I won't bid as I wanted her to walk away with the dress but to let me know if she had to step down as the bidding prices were reaching quite incredible levels already. At the same time, I was thinking...what should I do if Clarabelle decides to give up? If I am to take over, I will certainly have to give up bidding on anything else.

When Clarabelle IM'd me saying she was going to step down, the price was already reaching 300K. There was no time to think. I decided to step in, forget the other outfits and forget about going on a vacation this summer (oh dear....). After a lot of "omgs". "whoas" and "faints" from the audience, the auction finally came to an end when the price reached 460,000L. To my surprise, I was quite calm throughout this whole process, constantly checking with a currency converter I had on my screen as to how much it was now and how much more I can go if I had to. I felt that mother was with me that day helping me to think straight.

I know this is a LOT for a virtual item but not even a granule of sand when it comes to what is needed to fight cancer but we have to start somewhere and even a penny helps. I am very happy that I was able to donate this to a good cause. I would rather spend it in this manner than to spend it over a trip. I can always go somewhere next summer.

I take this opportunity to thank the orgainisers and to Eshi, who have decided to sell just one more piece of this awesome piece of SL art. It was certainly something worth getting for the donation. Last but not least, I thank all the readers for reading such a long write up.

And this is the "legendary" dress by Eshi Otawara with photographs taken by Elysium Eilde of Second Look Studio. The pictures are results of a collaboration between two very talented women which both Clarabelle and I feel honoured and proud to be associated with.

Kay Fairey

Kay wears it with;
Shoes: Haysuriza, Classic pump, black
Skin: Tuli, Emily (pale 1) candy skin
Hair: smoka Okappa short hair, black

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