New Model Class Starts at LOOK Elite Models

Modeling classes at LOOK Elite Models has been known to supply one of the most comprehensive modeling classes in SL. The number of models who have completed the whole curriculum is not large but those who have completed have been reputed to be one of the most thoroughly trained models. I feel it is one of the best basic training program for those who wish to start getting into modeling.

A new class will start on May 15 (Sat). If you are interested, send Bourbon Zenovka a notecard.

Details of the program can be seen in the LOOK Elite Models Website.

Posted by Kay Fairey, Agency Director and model for Boulevard Agency, Miss Virtual World Modeling Academy CEO, LOOK Elite Models COO, Team edo Director and writer for the Best of SL Magazine.

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Rupinder said...

These models are just what the name suggests: ordinary looking people to represent someone the average consumer can identify with in their ads.

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