The best modeling chair EVER!!

There's no 'probably' about this statement.... this really is the BEST modeling chair EVER!!!!!

Its the Diesel Works Modeling Chair, created by the very talented Rogan Diesel.  I was very very kindly given this to test out by Rogan, who has set up his store at the fabulous Osa Menor sim, run by the gorgeous Halfpint Pennel (who's also co-founder of the most brilliant Second Look Studio) and i have totally fallen in love with it.  It has 20 different poses, and the way it moves into each pose is utterly beautiful.  

I instantly felt a Cabaret moment coming on, so slipped on my favourite sexy underwear from Intimizzio at Armidi, and attached my favourite showgirl feathers by Jezebel Yaffle that i've had in my inventory for months and stepped into the only shoes worthy of this shoot, the Moody Pin Ups and immediately felt in the mood for some hot raunch....

Every model should own this chair, it is totally stunning.  Thank you Rogan for designing such a brilliant modeling tool.  And i'm looking forward to the new runway poses.... 

For more pictures of some of my favourite poses in this chair check out my Flickr stream...

underwear:  Intimizzio Aufiori Chambre Sheer Black @ Armidi
shoes:  Stiletto Moody, Pin Ups with Bows, Black Patent
hair: Mirai Style - Dafy in Red
skin:  Infinity - Carmen, Raw Sienna, Look 4
eyes: InZane - bluegreen 
bracelet:  Stiletto Moody Heart Charm
necklace:  JCNY 'Lovers Knot'
chair: Diesel Works Modeling Chair

Modeled and photographed by Clarabelle Cazalet (Second Look Studio, Timeless Models, Premier Models)

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Chic Aeon said...

Agreed. Very impressive. The free stool ain't bad either :D

You look great!